Hypnotherapy an Introduction


Hypnotherapy the Misconceptions

The words like Hypnosis, Hypnotism or Hypnotherapy create an unusual response in Indian mind. Some people also call it Vashikaran means making someone slave. They think that by hypnotizing people, you can make them slave and make them do anything you want. People scare even by the term Sammohan i.e. Hypnosis. They think what will happen if they will be hypnotized forever and never regain their normal consciousness. People also think that only the person with less wisdom can be hypnotized. They claim that no one can hypnotize them. I have surprise for them that the hypnosis is directly proportional to wisdom. More you are wise more you will be prone to hypnosis.

Perhaps no other word has so misconceptions as Hypnosis. When you come across the term Hypnotherapy or Hypnotism or some other like words either you are with it or you are in opposite side, but you can’t ignore it. You will show some powerful response consciously or unconsciously.

The Truth

After a decade long experience in the field of hypnosis, I can tell you that I have never come across a single person who is not in hypnosis. We all are somehow in hypnosis, either we are aware or not. If you are aware about this fact, you can help yourself or your loved ones with the help of hypnosis. You can achieve your goals easily, keep yourself physically, mentally and spiritually fit. If you are not aware people use you according to their own agenda.

Political parties use you according to their agenda, media use you according to its agenda, social media use you according to its agenda. You may not be agreed, but we all are being used. We are being used like things. Think honestly and tell me are you living with your own free will or are you fulfilling other’s agenda? Whatever you are doing, doing it with your free will or are you being forced to do it? The toothpaste or washing powder or anything else whatever you are purchasing, are you buying it with your own will? Or someone else is programming you to do so. Western countries like USA and UK  use hypnosis for therapy in Some people are also using it in India in the field of education and therapy, and the results are amazing.

Historical Background

In 1915-16 in the medical department of BHU (Banaras Hindu University) a surgery took place without any anesthesia.   Kashi Naresh i.e. The king of Kashi (at that time Prabhu Narayan Singh) was to be operated for removal of appendix. the king denied taking any kind of anesthesia instead he practiced DHYAN (Meditation) and the whole surgery was done in the state of trance (DHYAN). All the doctors were from England, they were surprised to see the powers of meditation.

In India, the saints have been talking about Yoga and DHYAN (Meditation) for thousands of years. DHYAN is nothing but Hypnosis. Hypnosis has never been developed in India as our saints kept it to themselves. The whole science of hypnosis has been limited to some people called saints. And the hypnosis has been a secret to the common people for centuries. Today even in the 21st century we scare of hypnosis. People think of hypnosis as black magic. Moreover, media has given hypnosis its own meaning. Many Hindi and English movies present hypnosis  as black magic and therefore the clouds of secret have been becoming more and more condensed day by day.

Hypnosis has been widely researched in western countries. In 1950 a successful thyroid removal surgery was taken place in the state of hypnosis without using any anesthesia in America. This event attracted the attention of American Medical Association and Hypnosis was included as a healing modality. American Board of Hypnotherapy was established in the same year. Today America, Britain and many other western countries recognize Hypnosis as a healing modality and provide formal education and training in Hypnosis. Society of Psychological Hypnosis is also included as Division 30 of American Psychological Association.

Program Your Mind 

It will be better to program your mind according to your goals before people may program your mind according to their agenda. The overwhelming information (true or false) from all the sources is programming your mind whether you want or not.

Let’s know what hypnosis is and how one feels in the state of hypnosis. In fact, hypnosis is a state of meditation in which your body is more relaxed and calm than normal, but your mind is more awakened. In meditation you are more near to existence and maximum mind powers are available to you. The problems which you can’t understand in the conscious state, your subconscious mind may provide valuable insights for that problems while you are in hypnosis. I assure you that no hypnotist can force you to do things which you don’t want to do, or which are against your values. There is no reason to fear of hypnosis. No hypnotist can hypnotize you without your co-operation.

If you want to use hypnotherapy to achieve your goals, you are welcome and if you want to learn hypnosis, an awesome and highly payable career is waiting for you.

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