Neuro Linguistic Programming

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is all about learning and it teaches you how to use your brain to its full potential. with the help of NLP you can learn anything. you have already know how to be angry, stressful or depressed then you can also learn how to be happy, blissful and enjoy your life to its full extent of livelihood. You can develop your communication skills and you know greater success depends on better  communication. In nineteen seventies  two American Psychologists Richard Bandler and John Grinder founded NLP.

NLP and Psychology

Although psychologists founded NLP, yet it is not just a form of psychology. NLP is much more faster and effective than traditional psychological techniques. Many techniques of NLP can make behavior or habit changes in a matter of minutes which can take years with psychological techniques.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

The full form of NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming. The first word neuro comes from the word neuron which is a cell that carries electrical impulses. Neurons are the basic units of the nervous system and its most important part is the brain. Neurons are connected to one another and tissues. They do not touch and instead form tiny gaps called synapses. These gaps can be chemical synapses or electrical synapses and pass the signal from one neuron to the next.

The second word is Linguistic which comes from the word language. Language does not mean verbal language only, non verbal languages like body language, facial expressions and voice tonality are also play vital role in communication so they are also an important part of language.

The third and the last word of the term NLP is ‘Programming’ that comes from computer science.  A program is a step by step procedure to get the desired result.  To get a task done by the computer, the software engineers have to write a program for that purpose. In the same way the NLP Practitioner can program your mind to get the results you want.

Mind Programming

So NLP is the science of  mind programming on very deep level. It programs our nervous system and our brain with the help of language and our five senses. NLP is the most advanced programming language for the brain the most powerful computer of the world ever had.