NLP Level 3


Certified NLP Trainer

Certification Course

Duration: 2 Weeks

USP:  Step by Step Practical Approach to NLP


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Welcome to Certified NLP Trainer Course

After completing this course- “Certified NLP Trainer” you will be ready for a rewarding career. I hope you have enjoyed the previous courses. Now the time is to go ahead and help the world around you with your knowledge and experience of NLP. This step by step course is designing so that you can easily grasp the concept. The course is in Hindi / English medium. However the written material is in English medium only.

Eligibility: You must have completed NLP Level 2 i.e. NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course.

Duration: 2 Weeks

Age Limit:

Minimum: 18 Years

Maximum: No Bar

Study Material: You will get the written material in the form of downloadable e-book or printed whatever you want.

Class: 2 Hours per day and 5 days a week. Time may be flexible according to you.


Examination: After completing the course, you will be examined. The examination comprises of three parts Assignments, Theory and Practical.

Certification: You will be certified as “Certified NLP Trainer”  by LRS Institute of Hypnosis and NLP.


Course Content

  1. Useful Assumptions
  2. Mission
  3. Opening Exercise
  4. Useful Assumptions for a Trainer
  5. Changing With Logical Levels
  6. Rooting
  7. The 4-MAT System
  8. Learning Styles/Percentages
  9. Related Systems
  10. Preparing for a Presentation
  11. The Four Questions
  12. Opening Types
  13. Metaphors
  14. Superman
  15. Closings
  16. Sample Closing
  17. Magic Charisma Builder
  18. Breaks, Etc.
  19. Debriefing Exercises
  20. Utilization
  21. The Zone Exercise
  22. Chunking Down Content
  23. Chunking Example: Change Personal History
  24. Second Chunking Example: Chunking Down Fast Phobia
  25. Techno Babble
  26. Success Track
  27. Economy of Movement
  28. Training Design
  29. Combining NLP and Hypnosis
  30. NLP Session with Hypnosis
  31. Importance of Vocabulary
  32. Knowing your Audience
  33. Design Format & Geo Model
  34. Standard Presentation Format
  35. Selecting Demonstration Subjects
  36. Demonstrations


Final Exam:-

Congratulation! You have  completed the course. Now  you can take an exam, after passing the exam you will be certified as “Certified NLP Trainer”




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