NLP Level 1

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Online NLP Practitioner

Certification Course

Duration: 4 Weeks

USP:  Step by Step Practical Approach to NLP

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This 4 week step by step certification course is designed so that you can learn NLP easily and practice these techniques in real life situations. You can learn it at your own pace at your own home. The course is available in Hindi and English languages. However the written material is available only in English.


Anyone can register for this course.The only eligibility for this course is that you should know at least one language Hindi or English.

Age Limit

Minimum:- 18 Years

Maximum:- No Bar


Minimum:- 4 Weeks

Maximum:- 1 Year

Study Materiel

You will get written material in the form of downloadable e-book and video instructions to understand the subject easily.


You can start any time




The examination will consists of 3 components Assignments, Theory and Practical. Exams will be conducted online.



After successfully completing the course you will be certified as “Certified NLP Practitioner”

What will You Learn in this Online Course ?

  1. Introduction
  2. Mind Theory
  3. Conscious Mind
  4. Subconscious Mind
  5. Unconscious Mind
  6. Difference between Subconscious and Unconscious Mind
  7. Rapport
  8. Representational System
  9. Sub-modalities
  10. Predicates
  11. Sensory Perceptual Strategies
  12. Basic Presuppositions of NLP
  13. Eye Accessing Cues
  14. Sensory Acuity Exercise
  15. Anchoring
  16. The Properties of Anchoring
  17. Adding a Resource using Anchors
  18. Behavior Transfer
  19. Circle of Excellence
  20. Re-parenting
  21. Godiva Chocolate Pattern
  22. Meta Model
  23. Applications of Meta Model
  24. Information gathering using Meta Model
  25. Lie / Truth Sub-Modalities Exercise
  26. The Swish Pattern
  27. Swish Pattern Exercises
  28. Computer Swish
  29. The Visual Squash Exercise with Regression
  30. Changing Personal History
  31. Eliminating Fear
  32. How to Mend a Broken Heart
  33. New Behavior Generator
  34. Re-framing

Final Exam:-

Congratulation! You have  completed the course. Now  you will take an  exam, after passing the exam you will be certified as “Certified NLP Practitioner”


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